Sell your watch - Time Secret
Here at time secret watches trading we offer you the best price you can get in the market for your valuable watch
lets go step by step on how to sell your watch:
1 - Fill out selling form with the required information.
2 - Send us watch or visit our shop for evaluation.
3 - Evaluation and inspection of the watch.
4 - Receive your payment by the preferred method.
    Once you fill the form and we done the evaluation, we will give you the best price comparing to the market nowadays.
    We provide instant cash for your timepiece after passing the inspection and evaluation by our specialist Mr.Ahmed who have more than 20 years in the luxury watch industry.
    The watch have to be under the following conditions:
    1 - Original watch, box and card ( we might consider not having the box and card ).
    2 - No scratches ( hence we provide polishing service at additional cost ).
    3 - No damage or defect in the watch.
    4 - The watch should be working condition.
      Once the watch followed the previous conditions it will be eligible for selling, then receive your payment by cash or by preferred method.

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